Have you included the University of Memphis Foundation in your estate plans, designated UofM as a beneficiary of life insurance or retirement assets, or made some other plan to give to the UofM in the future? Whether you want to be recognized publicly and inspire others or remain anonymous, we hope you will let us know so we can discuss how you want your gift to be used and welcome you as a member of the Columns Society.

The Columns Society recognizes those visionary individuals who have included the University of Memphis in their long-term plans through a deferred or life-income gift. These generous and forward-thinking actions help ensure the University's future vitality. If you would like to provide support for the next generation in higher education and join the Columns Society, please fill out and return this confidential statement of intent.

For more information about the Columns Society or gift planning with the University of Memphis, please contact:

Wesley Larue Wesley LaRue
Director of Planned Giving
[email protected]

Anonymous (23)
E. Mark Adams and Beth Van Hoesen Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson A. Alburty
Dr. Thomas H. Appleton Jr.
Mr. Robert C. Appling and Ms. Eleanor E. Appling
Ms. Eleanor S. Appling
Anita and Robert Archer
Mr. Walter P. Armstrong Jr.
Dr. Neil Aronov and Ms. Mary L. Aronov
Ms. JoAnn R. Ashley
Mr. and Mrs. J. Olin Atkins
Janet and James W. Ayers
Ms. Martha Baber
Mr. Sam Loeb Bacherig Jr. and Ms. Kathy Bacherig
Mr. James O. Bacon
Charles and Phyllis Bailey
Dr. and Mrs. Collin T. Ballance
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Barnes
Mr. Paul W. Barret Jr.
John and Shelley Baur
Mr. Leo Bearman Jr.
Ms. Naomi L. Beesley
Linda Bennett
Mr. Herman Bensdorf II
Ms. Eva Bernhardt
Ms. Clair S. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Binswanger
Emile Bizot
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Bland Jr.
Robert and Deana Dodds
Mr. Michael R. Bookhout
Mr. Bert H. Bornblum
Mr. David Bornblum
Mr. and Mrs. Willie L. Branim Sr.
Mr. Raymond A. and Mrs. Maxine Ritchey Bratcher
Mr. James T. Bridges
Deloryse and Edward Brovarski
Ms. Maxine Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Bryant
Mr. Herman G. Burgess
Mr. Bill Eugene Burk
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Burkett
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Burnham
Mr. Jerry R. Bussey
Mr. Roy Cajero
Roger and Mary Campbell
Mr. James J. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cates
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cesani
Dr. S. Wayne Chamberlin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Chipley
Ms. S. Roberta Church
Ms. D. Ann Cicala and Mr. Edmond D. Cicala
Ms. Sara S. Clemons
Mr. Eugene D. Cline
LaRose A. Coffey
Drs. Dalvan and Greta M. Coger
Ms. Elizabeth T. Collins
Paula and Robert Collins
Mr. Anthony L. Council
Pamela and David Cox
Delane and Herbert Cox
Mr. Robert D. Cox
Mr. William E. Cross Jr.
Mr. Charles G. Curtis
Dr. and Mrs. Carl R. Cutting
Dr. Susanne B. Darnell
Dr. Ellen Davies-Rodgers
April and Kelly Davis
Mr. John O. Davis
Georgia Davis
The Honorable and Mrs. William H. Davis
Carla Davis
Ms. Esther K. Davis
Ms. Frances Marie Dean
Ms. Catherine C. Decker
Carla and Thomas Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Lester K. Diamond
Ms. Carolyn J. Dickens
Jeanne Distretti
Robert and Deana Dodds
Dr. Donald J. Donaldson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Donigan
Philip Francis Donovan
Dorothy R. Dorsey
Virginia and Richard Douglas
Dr. Marie E. Dubke
Ms. Marcia A. Duckworth
Mary Helen Duffy
Dr. Victor W. Dungan
Mr. Earl C. Dykema
Miss Sara Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Elgin
Valerie and John Elkington
Josephine O. Elosua
Caroline and Lawrence Evans
Ms. Iris J. Evans-Albright
Dr. Ralph J. Faudree Jr and Mrs. Patricia N. Faudree
Dr. W. Harry Feinstone
Gloria and Edward Felsenthal
Bobbie and Dave Ferraro
Dr. Ruthbeth D. Finerman and Dr. Ross D. Sackett
Mr. Robert C. Fite
Ms. Jacqueline Fleener
Mr. Thomas C. Fleet Jr.
Ms. LaVerne M. Fleming
Dr. and Mrs. Julian G. Fleming
Ms. Laurie Petrick Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Avron B. Fogelman
Dr. Sara G. Folis
Mr. Scott A. Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O. Forrester Sr.
Mr. Bryan D. Fox
Dr. Jerry T. Francisco
Mr. James H. Frazier
Ms. Catherine M. Freeburg
Anne and Jerre Freeman
Mr. Harry M. Freeman
Melba and Thomas Fristick
Ms. Joyceann Gardner
Dr. Lois N. Gilbert
Dr. Burl and Martha Gilliland
Marilyn and Stewart Gloyer
Herbert and Arlene Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Gooch
Dr. Charles R. Goodpasture
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Graesser
Mickey Granger
Marion Graves
Mr. Joe Grills
Ms. Mildred F. Grooms
Faylese Gruber
Derrick Gullatte
Ellen Elaine Kayse Haas
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Hagerman
Betty and Ben Hale



Mr. J. Frank Hall Jr.
Ms. Elsie M. Hamman
CDR and Mrs. Michael S. Harber
Barry Hardin
Mr. Jabie S. Hardin Jr. and Ms. Helen E. Hardin
Mr. Michael K. Harless
Alma Harper
Mr. Edwin Harris
Deborah Hester
Ronald Hart Family Foundation
Ms. Tammy Hedges and Mr. Jim Green
Mr. Herbert Herff
Dr. and Mrs. Roger L. Hiatt Sr.
Gaylann Hicks
Laurie and Randall Higginbotham
Ms. Dorothy A. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bernard Hill
Mr. William D. Hill
Mr. Sigmund F. Hiller
Doris and Jim Hillhouse
Joe Hinson
Charlotte and Fred Hodges
Ms. Elaine C. Hoffman
Harry M. Hogan
Justice Janice M. Holder
Kathryn Hookanson
Dr. Jane H. Hooker
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Hooks
Mr. Daniel W. Hooper
Dr. Jim and Liz Horner
Ms. Linda S. House
Charles and Margaret Hubbert
Mr. William Huddleston
Mr. and Mrs. William Huettel Sr.
Dr. John G. Hughes
Mr. Edward G. and Mrs. Bernice A. Humphreys
Ms. Margaret J. Hyatt
Ms. Florence V. Illing
Barbara I. Ingram
Susan and Frank Inman
Carol and Richard Irwin
Irene Jackson
Ms. Kathryn E. James
Janet and Robert January
Dr. Brian D. Janz
Ms. Janet T. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Johnson Jr.
Ms. Ruth F. Johnson
Lela Almarita Johnson
Lynda Jones
Stanley Justis
Mr. and Mrs. Ravindranath Kanuri
Dr. James C. Kasperbauer
Mr. John C. Kelley Jr.
Mr. Guy M. Kennedy
Patte and David S. Kennedy
Andrea and Robert Kerlan
Mrs. Wanda J. Kilgore-Schneider and Mr. Thomas E. Schneider
Ms. Eloise Moxley Kimmelman
Mr. David Kimmelman
Ms. Delores Kinsolving
Ms. Virginia H. Klettner
Rose Klimek
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Koban Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. S L Kopald Jr.
Becky and Wes Kraker
Mr. and Mrs. Burns Landess
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Larimer III
Al and Carol LaRocca
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. F. Lin Lawrence
Dr. Douglas C. Lemmon
Ms. Celia Lightman
Gail and James Link
The Honorable Sheri Lipman
Dr. George G. and Barbara Lipsey
Ms. Sue Ann Lipsey and Mr. Bernard A. Lipsey
Mr. Cole W. Litton
Mr. Gabriel J. Lupinacci
Mr. Stephen Luttmann
Dr. Bonita S. Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Barlow T. Mann
Mr. Priestly H. Manning
Ms. Katherine Martin
Barbara Mashburn
Ms. Barbara B. Matheson
Dr. Sheryl and Mr. Mark Maxwell
Dr. W. Theodore May
John Thomas McCallen
Ms. Ruthie McCallen
Ms. Judith K. McCown
Col. and Mrs. James K. McCurdy
Beverly and Steve McDaniel
Glenda Huey McDaniel
Ms. Shanti McKinnie
Mr. Bill McKinnie
Lisa and Randy McKnight
Ms. Neva McMahon
Ms. Donna L. McNees
Mr. Robert M. McRae Jr. and Mrs. Louise McRae
Tina B. McWhorter
David Michael Meeks
Ms. Marisa M. Meeks
Mr. Edward J. Meeman
Dr. Lisa L. Mendel and Dr. Maurice I. Mendel
Mr. Roy G. Mersch
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Meyers
Liz and Rick Miller
Mr. William (Bill) C. Miller Jr.
Joseph and Nancy Mitchell
David T. Patrick Jr. and Ms. Jeannie Moffatt
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson W. Moore
Shirley and Robert Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Olin F. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Saunders Morgan Morton
Ms. Susan Bailey Moss
Mr. Morrie A Moss and Ms Alice Wheatley
Laurel Mossberg
Dr. Harwood Mullikin
Ms. Sharon R. Murdock
Professor William J. Murnane Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Murphree
Dan S. and Patricia H. Murrell
Dr. Victoria S. Murrell and Mr. Dan H. Murrell
Jay and Maureen Myers
Peter Evan Nethery
Ms. Dottie Neuf
Harry and Jane Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Nolan
Deloryse and Edward Brovarski
Ms. Kathryn M. Norstrom
Dr. Virginia M. Norton and Mr. John D. Norton Sr.
Ms. Trudy A. Noyes
Jane Nuckolls
Sharon Ohsfeldt
Eunice and Edward Ordman
Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Ostner Sr.

Mr. Mac E. Ozier
Betty and Hal Padgett
Dianne and Larry Papasan
Ms. Betty M. Parham
Dr. Richard C. Parker
Dr. Lloyd D. Partridge
David T. Patrick Jr.
Ms. June M. Peoples and Mr. Joel R. Hurd
Dr. Kay Perryman-Snow
Dr. Elizabeth C. Phillips
Mr. Dion G. Pogson
Dr. Barbara U. Prescott and Mr. Allie J. Prescott III
Dorothy B. Kay Price
Mr. Bobby A. Prince
Carol and Mike Prince
The Honorable Ann L. Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Raiford Jr.
Dr. Shirley C. Raines and Dr. Robert J. Canady
Dr. John H. Rand
Mr. James F. Rand
Drs. Richard R. and Carol Crown Ranta
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Rauchle
Ms. Flora Hayes Rawls
Mr. Oscar Edwin Reece
Evelyn and William Reed
Ms. Geraldene D. Reynolds
Bernadette and Kyle Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Richardson
Dr. John W. Richardson Jr.
Dr. Malcolm L. Richardson
Mrs. Robert G. Ring
Ms. Elma N. Roane
The Honorable Kay and Victor Robilio
Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Rogers
Mr. Jeff Roth
Ms. Laura Rowland
Ms. Virginia A. Rust
Mr. Carl Sanders Jr.
Dr. Helen M. Sawyer
Ms. Ruth H. Scharff
Mr. Thomas E. Schneider and Mrs. Wanda J. Kilgore-Schneider
Susan and Russ Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Schultz
Ms. Lucy P. Secher
Ms. Katherine B. Sevedge
Dr. Naseeb Shaheen
Caroline L. Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Sharpe Sr.
Ms. Verna T. Sharpes
Ms. Karen B. Shea
Mr. John S. Shepherd
Dr. Janann Sherman
Ms. Mary E. Sherman
Dr. Gayle H. Shiba
Mr. William O. Shults
Dr. Nancy D. Simco
Dr. Judith C. Simon
Dr. and Mrs. Omar E. Smith Jr.
Dr. Walter R. Smith
Byron and Audrey Smith
Mr. M. Hayes Smith Jr.
Mr. Arthur C. Smith
Mr. James R. Smoot
Dr. Allen and Mrs. Hope H. Sneed
Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Spain
Dr. James N. Speakman and Ms. Emily C. Speakman
Mr. James F. Springfield Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Staed
Karen and Will Stafford
Ms. Mary Alice and Mr. J. Robert Stagner
Drs. Bobbie and Jim Staley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Stein
Robert Stephens
Ms. Harriet W. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stokes Jr.
Mr. John F. Stone
Deborah L. Talbot
Dr. Herbert A. Taylor III
ZonaDale Taylor
Drs. Carmelita B. and Norman C. Teeter
Ms. Celia H. Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Thomas
Ms. Mary R. Todd
Dr. Wayland A. Tonning
Dr. Robert E. Tooms
Mr. Donald R. Tracy
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Traicoff
Margaret and John Trainor
Dr. and Mrs. Joel A. Turetzky
Ms. Agnes Ann Turley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Turner
Mr. Mike Turnipseed and Mrs. Norma Turnipseed
Ms. Sandra B. Van Velsor
Ms. Harriet S. Van Vleet
Mr. Richard C. Vaughn
Mr. Clark G. Vernon
Susan and Steve Vescovo
Ms. Pearl Wales
Sandy and Tom Wallace
Dr. Robert R. Waller
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Warder Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Warner
Julia K Warnock
Dr. and Mrs. Otis S. Warr III
Ms. Nancy R. Warrick
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Watkins Jr.
Ms. Ellen I. Watson
Mr. Con T. Welch
Alison Weld and Charles Russell
Ms. Elizabeth Hall Weymers
C. Thomas Whitman
Gina and Jim Wiertelak
Cathy Wilhelm
Charlotte Wilkerson
Dr. John R. Wilkerson
Mr. Fletcher Earl Wilkinson
David and Elsa Williams
Ms. Carol B. Williams
Elsa Williams
Professor and Mrs. James F. Williamson
Ms. Beatrice E. Willis
Mr. Horace Willis
Mr. C. Kemmons Wilson Sr.
Mr. William C. Wilson
Ms. Barbara Matheson Wilson
Ms. Cornelia Littlejohn Wolfe
Ms. Mabel B. Womack
Ms. Emmie B. Woodward
Ms. Jocelyn D. Wurzburg
Dr. Lawrence and Ms. Sarah J. Wynn
Mr. Robert W. Yates
Ms. Jan A. Yelen
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Yukon
Mr. John L. Zoccola
Dr and Mrs Bernard M Zussman